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Heart of Steel Lyrics

Build a fire
A thousands miles away
To light my long way home
I ride a commet
My trail is long to stay
Silence is a heavy stone

I fight the world
And take all they can give
There are times my heart hangs low
Born to walk against the wind
Born to hear my name
No matter where I stand I'm alone

Stand and fight
Live by your heart
Always one more try
I'm not afraid to die
Stand and fight
Say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel

Burn the bridge behind you
Leave no retreat
There's only one way home

Those who laugh and crowd the path
And cut each other's throats
Will fall like melting snow

They'll watch us rise
With fire in our eyes
They'll blow their heads
Their hearts will hang low

Then we'll laugh and they will kneel
And know this heart of steel
Was too hard to break
Too hard to hold

Chorus: ...
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