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Superior Firepower Songtext

Sending of troops into the field
Ancient sands cause blinding torrents
Wings of war spreading agape
Lethal finality is on its way

Move within the cross hairs
Life with the endless pile of victims
Destitute and desprate
Camouflage by final solution

Hostility massed in force
Thread the needle through the course
Weed out the week survival of the strong
Transparent pride attack than hide
Do not contest superior firepower

Entrapping the enemy, precision skuldiggery
Adversary crushed beneath tactical mastery

Nowhere to escape nowhere left to hide
Foiled by cavalry
Process of elimination through
Pushing artillery

As the smoke clears, strewn on the field
Those who survived screaming in torment
Victims of war cannot escape
Many a corpse lie in its wake
Elton John: Geheimes Album kommt in ein paar Wochen
Vor 2 Tagen
Elton John: Geheimes Album kommt in ein paar Wochen
Oliver Pocher: Er legt noch einmal nach
Vor 17 Stunden
Oliver Pocher: Er legt noch einmal nach

Album The Will to Kill (2002)

Malevolent Creation
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Malevolent Creation - Superior Firepower
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