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Let's Go Back Songtext

With the mix and blend
With the mix and blend (mix and, mix and blend)
With the mix and blend
With the mix and blend (I'm going in)

Let's go back, back to the days of snapback caps
Before Steve Jobs was the real Big Mac
Go Mac D's and spend two pound
Get filled up and you'll get change back
Back to the days of shirts and shoes
Enfield Town meet News and Chews
Phones back then just call me with a SIM
No BBM, we were barely texting
Face off ting, 51-10
Eros nightclub on the A10
HLC with the mix and blend
Toys R Us working at the weekend
Let's go back, back in the day
You could drive round London and not have to pay
Jump on the bus, it was 40p
Buying vinyls by D&D
Volume six, diamond rings
Wearing a cap with a gelled down fringe
Looking back them days were jokes
Sorry cigarettes them man had smoked
We can't go back, that's in the past
When I reminisce now, that's why the laugh
Bring on the future, live for the day
I've been doing music come what, May?

I don't come from the old school
But I gotta big up the oldskool
Reminiscing of the times I was younger
To this date I've still got the hunger

Rudeboy dun know, kill a man's sound with the bigger boy flow
Wanna see the gyal dem wine down low
I wanna [?] tunes by Pay As You Go
So Solid crew, Oxide, Neutrino
Before Dizzee Rascal ever made "Ho"
Back when record shops used to earn dough
When Camden Palace was never Koko
Raving crew used to shout BOH!

I'm old school like Nike Air Max
Back in the day we rinsed the same packs
For exposure, some say liberty
Northfield market, I'd buy two or three
So many tapes of so many raves
I was only a kid then but they were the days
Used to get hyped from hearing a deep set
Being too young is my biggest regret
I missed out on so many things
Like Liberty Lara mixing diamond rings
Ruffcut Lloyd dropping Anthill Mob
DJ EZ breaking in Todd
I never got to see Tuff Jam mix
I never got to hear Charlie Brown spit
If I was the Doctor and had the TARDIS
I'd play [?] Heartless

I'm old school like 7" vinyl
And I believe in the ten year cycle
Of music comes and music go
Wanna be an MC? Keep on your toes
Never, never know who's watching you
When you're on the mic up in the venue
Could be a next man, ready to bite you
Want to be an MC and take your title?
No way, ain't gonna happen
They can't be written so you can never [?]
My lyric on mine, yours on yours
I got the lyric to make the crowd roar cuh
I'm old school like back in the day
When the Fresh Prince had the high tops in fade
1990s, garage was the lick
Guccis and champers, we would sip
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Majestic - Let's Go Back
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