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Tattoo Songtext

// Suddenly you can live without me,
// your no longer calling me up.
// Hours pass by without you,
// I can't stop myself from throwing up.
// I'm woken up worrying will you come back
// I can't sleep in past eight.
// Then when night comes round I'm desperate,
// and can't fall asleep till late.
// My psychotic vengeance is on a killing spree.
// My neurotic tendence,
// is just about to set me free.
// I think of little excuses,
// of how I can get to you.
// I conjure up things that are abusive
// and how I'll be doing them to you.
// I want to call you up,
// and cry to you and plead.
// I want to kick you down,
// kick you 'til you blead.
//I will bash your face in,
// I will fuck you up the ass.
// I'm gonna fuck your world up,
// and dwell in just the past.
// Chorus
// I lost 15 lbs. and dyed my hair black,
// to be your perfect girlfriend. But you left me for a blonde
// with meat on her bones who makes mistakes now and then.
// I find it quaint how you channel energy,
// it seems as though you use it,
// on anything but me.
// Watch how interesting I will react.
// Don't question why,
// I swear I'm so over that.
// First half of Chorus.
//Just cause we can't pull throught,
// God bless the rest.
// I hate my new tatoo
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Majandra Delfino - Tattoo
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