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Magna Carta Songtext

Magna Carta

[I. Magna Carta Overture]


[II. Declaration]

John The King of England
Duke of Normandy (Count of Aquitaine)
Spoke to all his subjects
Declaring freedom and reform in this present charter...

[III. Status Quo]

In the first place it is our will
Before we quarrel there are rights to instill
Upon our heirs, confirmed with grace
The English Church shall stand in faith
If any earl or baron dies
And owes us relief we will rectify
Our binding words to the sons under age:
"We'll hold it in trust - your inheritance is saved."

The guardian of the land will now answer to us.
Assignable for husbandry and wardship.
The Treaty of The Magna Carta will ensure this.

[IV. Reform]

City of London have all your liberties
Free customs and furthermore; petition counsel
That no assessment shall reach into the pockets
Of the common man
We respect the rights of the common man
We must respect the rights of the common man.....
No witch hunt executions to be held in the shadows
No trivial crimes shall condemn one to the gallows
All evil customs, warrens, sheriffs, shall be abolished
All hostages will be released
In the the final hours of this decadence we must defeat
'Cause it's not too late for the future
Stand back - look around
It's a time for peace not a time for war or for judgement
Summon all, listen to my order!
This fifteenth day of June in Runnymeade
All must coincide as The Magna Carta is ratified.....

[V. Restoration]

Should a man transgress this charter
We'll judge in fairness with law and order
Time for the kingdom to be granted all these things
Wishing betterment for allies, with security.
Liberty of conscience is finally restored as The
Magna Carta is moving forward in this restoration
From such a young man his great awakenings has saved our homeland.....

In a modern world we still must fight to learn the lessons that prolong our plight
The history of those before should help us now but we choose to ignore
Explore the new ground - discovery
We know the answers but no one sees
We are so close but we stand so far
From the restoration - the nearest star
The Hour of Restoration is now upon us
We measure the time all history to the present The
Magna Carta
Trust of the ancient living.

City of London have all your liberties, free customs and furthermore
Petition counsel that no assessment shall reach into the pockets of the common man.
We restored the rights of the common man
We have restored the rights of the common man...
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Magellan - Magna Carta
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