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Don't You Worry Songtext

Little boy on my telephone
You've been away now you wanna come home
It's kinda strange since you were the one
Who left me on my own

(Chorus): Don't you worry
I'm doin fine
No don't you worry
That you left me behind
Coz I love my freedom
And I love my life
So don't you worry
Coz I'm doin fine

It's a little crazy you decided to call
I was thinking about it just an hour ago
I was wondering if you've changed
I hope that you've grown
Won't you let me know

It's been about a year since I heard you're voice
And I can't pretend that I'm not curious
If you're wondering why I'm not making a fuss
I guess I'm over us, so?

(Chorus x 2)

Don't you ask me
If I still love you
Coz the day you left my life
You lost all your rights
Don't you wonder
What I'm doin
But all you need to know
Is that I'm doin fine

(Chorus x 3)
Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
Vor 18 Stunden
Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
Vor 18 Stunden
Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim

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Madasun - Don't You Worry
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