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Ever Tight Songtext


Wha say one
Good Foundations, only a good body girl can control this man
Chuh, Cobra sey eh eh,
Sing di song perlong


Dey suh ever tight
Fi hol yuh man everything is alright
Yuh nuh flobby like nuh par-boil rice
An yuh skin nuh full a no zebra stripe
Ohh yuh pretty like
Have what it takes
Well excellent, yuh have the face an the shape
Broad hips and yuh 24 waist
Yuh posess a small parking space
Ohhh dat is great

1. Good body gal well ever hot, yuh never flop
Mek di world know sey when yuh hot, yuh jus hot
When certain gal a chat, dem a mussi pharmacy rat
Face look brown an di rest a body black
When mi see dem, mi say ohh a wha dat
Favor ole car fi guh inna body shop
Style an yuh pattan mek man haffi come back
Chuh gal yuh hol mi like a knot like a dat


2. Naah watch nuh gal, cause to yuh dem caan talk
Certain gal a chat an dem a wear dutty marks
Have yuh tight grip an yuh shoe nuh rub off
Nuh man never tell yuh yet, yet fi guh park
Mek di deaf hear, mek di blind see fi walk
Yuh have the hole, and dem soft
Chuh, rotate yuh waist like a windmill still
Natural yuh natural wid yuh wining skill
Space yuh have below, a it yuh a fill
Passion juice haffi spill, still


3. Cobra haffi pull yuh golden door knob
Paint yuh bedroom wid oil paint whey mi have
Touch inna yuh glue, trust mi it sticky bad
Tru mi say yuh a lead, a vexation dat cause
Genuine, but a toilet paper fraud
Yuh nuh inna dat while living large
Sympathising, hypocrite kotch a people yaad
Always a hot, a yuh put dem pon pause
Yuh get di good guy so hard

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Mad Cobra - Ever Tight
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