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Paranoid Songtext
von Mac

Featuring Silkk the Shocker

[mac SILKK]

Who the fuck is this?
Who that is?


The shots rang out
I went to the closet to get the thang out
Heavily armed my intention was to blow the next brain out
I had it cocked before I got to the door
Who da why da and why the fuck they doin' this for
Them niggas spook me I'm either trippin' or they tryna shoot me
I close my eyes and let the bullets fly loosely and unloaded
The front door exploded
The barrel started burning my hand and I couldn't hold it
Still I reloaded, and got another round first
It seems like these always pre-rehearsed
The date in front of me had read 12:30 first
Who woulda thought these gunshots were loud fireworks
The screams got louder, the crowd got bigger
Somebody screamed,"Oh I think he killed that nigga"
I dropped the trigger, my heart beat, and my knees got excessively weak
Look I can feel this shit, yet I'm still hopen' I sleep
I seen his back full of holes and his blood was fresh
I could smell death creeping through his inacine flesh
I flipped him over, and feeled what I might soon discover
Tears fell, oh fuck this was my brother

[Chorus--Silkk x2]

They got me 'noid, they got me 'noid
They got me 'noid, they got me 'noid
But I ain't paranoid


On Clearview, I took a look through the rear-view
It was some niggas that my homie fear knew
But I wasn't cool with 'em, as matter fact I didn't fool with 'em
I speed it up, they either followin' Mac, or they just weadig
I took a left, and they follow
I told my brother get the hollows, these niggas probably got a problo
I'm way across town, some unknown ground
Paranoid, me and my dawg, we duckin' through the Southern Falls
Spooked out
Them niggas 6 deep in the Land Rover Jeep creepin'
They fuckin' up my weekend, I started cussin' like a Puerto Rican
I'm headed back to the N.O. comin' from B.R.
I just done did me a show
Them niggas know I probably got the dough so
They figure they can just fake me, and dump me off in yo
Bitches u crazy
I stepped on the gas, but they crept on they ass
This shit is happenin' fast
My brother blast at the cows through the sun-roof
A innocent bird drop
But that was just tah let the niggas know we had the glock
But they didn't stop
I seen the Superdome, I'm almost home
I told my brother to give me the cellphone to call my niggas
We bein' chased by these upamillas
They probably tryna kill us
I can't shake 'em, I might just have tah break 'em
They told me not tah sweat it, cuz they was retracedid
If you 'bout bein' harder than harder
Then we got them thangs so sweat it
I felt relieved as I turned on Generaltila
I saw my niggas pop out a store in a black impilla
So I popped to, then I jumped out
I opened up the trunk and got the funk out
And I told them niggas jump out
They opened up the doors slowly, raised they hands
They say they follow me cuz they was Mac's number one fans
And all they wanted was some autographs, I dropped the gat
And started laugh, but why you muthafuckas went tah stop the pad
You got a nigga paranoid
And I'm slippin', and I'm trippin', and I'm dippin'

[Chorus--Silkk x4]
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Mac - Paranoid
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