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No Good Songtext

Got a nasty disposition,always lookin' for a thrill
Been attacked with every bar stool,and never paid my bill
Sellin' drugs inside the school yard,in every nightmare that you dream
I'm always in and out of trouble,I'm the fear inside the scream
(Pre chorus) Don't second guess me baby,hang out with me I'll make your head
Head spin round
Take my advice and listen,cos I'm lyin' and cheatin' and beggin' and screamin'
So look out!
(Chorus) No good,will ever come from lovin' me,no good,I'll never treat you
Right,no good,forget about your worries baby,hold on and get ready to ride.
I'm in the evil in the bible,go to church but never pray
I'm a sister with a habit,I'm a preacher never saved
I'll stay out late and come home early,gonna rain on your parade
I'm the finger on your trigger,better watch what you say
(Pre chorus)
Ooooohhhh yeah
Filthy reputation,I'm the tears your gonna cry
Got a glove box full of warrants,I'll abuse you 'til you die
(Fade out solo)
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Album Lynch Mob (1992)

Lynch Mob
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Lynch Mob - No Good
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