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Your hands hold more than you know
The way your eyes will talk to me
Every breath you breathe, breathes right on me
What's been done around: Round and round again
My eyes can see you affecting me
But in the unseen
I have hands holding me from the ground
This is my life
Breathe light
Breathe life
My eyes
They're alreay yours
My life
It's already yours
Im Trend
Cora Schumacher: Liebes-Suche im TV!
Vor 6 Stunden
Cora Schumacher: Liebes-Suche im TV!
Sylvie Meis: Kritik an der TV-Welt
Vor 5 Stunden
Sylvie Meis: Kritik an der TV-Welt

Album Throwing Myself (2001)

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