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You know them pints come sealed, you connected (Real talk)
Ayy, they don't like, but they respect it (Yeah)
You take 'caine for breakfast, I like fuckin' up them extras (bitch)
Nigga with a dick on him, baow

Rap, bitch, watch me stick on it, big homie (Yeah)
Nothin' less than a brick on me (Yeah)
Young nigga but I love fuckin' with them 80's
Four pockets full, all these bitches want a baby
Dropped out of school, I was too much into money

Shoes never laced, bitch, you'll never see me runnin'
Now lift that ass up (Yeah), bitch, now drop it (Yeah)
Why I'm in the hood, probably 'cause I'm cocky (No, fool)
Hellcat or a truck, it don't matter, I got options (Skrr)
Fuck her from the back, she love suckin' dick sloppy (Ugh)
Straight to Amiris, I was never into robbin', at all

My niggas get the party started without a DJ (Say what? Yeah)
We on some gang shit, these niggas know how we play (Come on, yeah)
She know lil' Poody run the game, this not EA (Come on)
Record her suckin' dick, just to keep it on replay (Ow, ow, ow, ow)

She gon' do it for the 'Gram
A few likes and a couple views (Buss it down)
But she got a twin sister, they bad as fuck
I'm like "Which one to choose?" (Ayy, ayy)
No matter however we do it, no wrong or right, I cannot lose
Say I'm livin' life, fuckin' on site, when she see these blues, yeah

I can tell she wanna fuck by how she lookin'
Probably pay her rent, the only way to get the pussy
Life been kinda hard, she don't drink but she do bar
Don't forget your shift tomorrow, might as well hire five

I just blew a million on my momma, I'm not lyin' (On my momma)
Heard she top four, heard the pussy top five
Reach for a chain, baow, shots fired
I don't care, that ain't my bidness, I don't even play with niggas

We fucking in the corner store, nigga, with two choppas (Yeah)
You know some niggas who gon' spin, I got a few partners (Come on)
I dropped the addy, just to see what he gon' do 'bout it (Shit)
Yeah I'm the sickest with this shit, go, get the flu doctor

I'm fresh out of the dog pound, and went and copped the new collar
A million dollar nigga won't even shoot a bitch two dollars (Yeah)
But y'all ain't even lit, remember my pockets full with lint (Ayy)
I'm faucet like a bitch, I hate to say but I'm full of shit (Yeah)

Parked the Audi truck and went and copped the Range Rover (I swear)
Yeah they two different truck
I think they got the same motor (Come on)
The lil' bitch hit my line, told her pull up, and she came over (Yeah)
I swear that bitch so dumb
She gave me head and left her brain over (Look, uh)

He skipped a few counties, that nigga hidin', he went MIA (Pussy)
The coupe got no ceiling just like Lil' Wayne, but we roll with dracs
Aim the Glock for the curry
You think these bitches, came from Golden State (Come on)
These steppers, they veterans
Gotta make sure that my soldiers straight
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