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There's a Difference Songtext

You're always talking at me
I can't hear what your sayin'
You say you know all the songs
But you don't know what we're playin'
You say that you "hear" me
But you never listen
You say you've seen it all
But there's a lot your missing
T.V. Punks you know all about
Who prance around shout
Picture perfect post card bums
Who know how to pout
There's 20 years of music
You'll never understand
You just wanna be a singer in an alternative band
You write your critiques about us
But you never read
You think it's dead & dried up
Cuz you weren't willing to bleed
You want to be one of us
But you never will
You want to understand
But deep waters are still
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
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Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
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Lower Class Brats - There's a Difference
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