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Suil a Ruin Songtext

I wish I were on yonder hill,
Tis there I'd sit and cry my fill,
And ev'ry tear would turn a mill,
Is go dee tu mavourneen slaun.

Suil, Suil, Suil a Ruin,
Suil go suckir agus suil go cune,
Suil go deen durrus agus eilig lume,
Is go dee tu mavourneen slaun.

I'll sell my rock, I'll sell my reel,
I'll sell my only spinning wheel,
To buy my love a sword of steel,
Is go dee tu mavourneen slaun.


I wish, I wish, I wish in vain,
I wish I had my heart again,
And vainly think I'd not complain,
Is go dee tu mavuorneen slaun.

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Lord Of The Dance - Suil a Ruin
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