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Rock Me When He's Gone Songtext

Warm the wine and give it to me one more time again
I'm just a rolling stone who needs a drop of rain
And to taste your honey, Mona is like licking on the sun
My truck's hid in the back yard so come here and give me

Said lady, that's the way
You've gotta rock me when he's gone
You make me feel like a diesel train going home
We got so much to give each other
And we've only just begun
So take me baby, break me lady
Gotta rock me when he's gone

Break the bread in two and you can give me half
I've ridden hard and fast just to make you laugh
To make you laugh I've stood knee-deep in mud outside
Your door
Clutching in my hand a border rose from Baltimore
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Album It Ain't Easy (1971)

Long John Baldry
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Long John Baldry - Rock Me When He's Gone
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