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In my lifetime Songtext
von Logic

Yeah, yeah
Actually, that was pretty dope, man (ayo)
Can′t even lie

Ayo, I got game, plenty
Talk sh, reload the semi
Mafia sh with Juicy J, sippin' Henny
I got Mastro money, boy, your pockets on Denny′s
I hit the beat machine, get cream for the whole team
Supply the fiends, dollar bills by any means
Average person be committed if they've seen the sh I've seen

It′s like my life was written through a murder scene
Even in my early teens
I saw a guy on the corner gettin′ high
When a stray bullet from a drive-by
Blew his brains through his right eye
Some people cautious, but I'm cassius (yes)
Who rhyme the fastest (woo)
I made it through the light despite how dark my past is, what?

Hip-hop baby, party rockin′, you know what it is
Sh hard
Haha, you should be concerned
Yeah, yeah, you know it's me
You should

Smoking back-to-back Dutches
My finger just inches off the button
That′ll turn your fuckin' body into stuffing
Dressed like I′m doing construction
Off one leg, jump through the fuckin' window
With a Hellcat like it's nothing now

At that speed, I could easily be mistaken for Jet Li
Don′t interrupt my feng shui
Get left in the fridge where they hang meat
My bitch′ll kick you with strange feet
A thousand roses expertly engraved into the handle of the heat
Carved ice and pre-columbian queens
Jackson Heights, rock Colombia, boo

Guess jeans, smoke drugs, all mezzanine
Way before a, ever turned seventeen
I'll leave you in the heaven scene
Staring at the roof of the chapel, I showed you mercy
Could′ve been in soup or a taco
My Porsche colder than a bowl of gazpacho
Commemorate me with a statue
"Fuck the world", written on the tattoo
Man, I be smoking mad, that's why I′m silly (stupid)
You know it's me
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Logic - In my lifetime
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