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This is my story, wait, nah
This is our story, this is our fate
This is our kingdom, this is our place
This is our freedom, cut off them chains
This is our struggle, this is our pain
This is our love, this is our trust
This is our daughters, this is our sons
Give me back my wings, yeah
Give me back my wings, see, I just wanna fly again
Wanna try, fail, try to try again
Head up in the stars, I promise I'm higher then
The right person for the job, you hire then fire them
I be working for the same thing, towards the same goal
Are we losing the passion in which we came for?
I was strong but identifying the same flaws
Fighting each other but battling for the same cause, let me breathe
Ain't got the time to be your enemy
That shit is draining, they're taking up too much energy
I'd rather invest in something that's worth it, the time is precious
So for Simz to waste it is something you'll never see, hold me to it
Everything is just a memory
It's getting modest then and never modest then, then I remember
I am not fucking about, getting modest is an error
I'll be fine as long as I've got my head up
I ain't prayed in a minute
Before you judge me, hold that thought and let me finish
For a long time I thought that praying was just asking for things
Like the road to riches and diamond rings
But now I know that I just gotta be thankful
Blessings every day, shit, I've got my hands full
Lessons every day, I'm learning for more angles
Mum, stop stressing over shit that I'mma handle, don't you know?
Simbi got you, I ain't even gotta say it
The album's here, I hope you love it, hope you play it
I know you knew this day would come, I know you prayed it
Can't wait to look at you and tell you that I made it
It's amazing
Good things come to the people that wait and I waited
Tell me, do you believe the quote above I stated?
Nobody handed me a dream, I had to chase it
I had to be business-minded and put aside my feelings
I had to find my own truth, my own meanings
Wrote this in the same bedroom I started in
Had to dream big, had to look beyond my ceiling
Do you feel it?
Hand on my heart, if only you could feel the way it's beating
I mean it
This the type of music that ain't never gonna sell? Well
Shouldn't never ever tell me that
Should've never ever told me that
What if I prove you wrong? Tell me know, could you live with that?
No, you wouldn't wanna live that
I ain't saying this'll go to number one, oh, I ain't saying that
I know you know that I ain't saying that
I just wanna do this all for my people, fuck the rest
Give you realness every time, nothing more, nothing less, and it goes like
No time for these low-lives
I'm onto something bigger all thanks to the most high
Becoming more relentless and less defensive, it's in my mechanism
Who give a fucks about cosigns?
Never scared of killing 'em, something that's too real
They don't have to play this, I know that Huw will, and you will
No, you can't ignore it
Many of us want this life but just ain't cut out for it, yeah
So don't you ever
Forget who told you this
No, don't you ever
See, this is for your kids
Yeah, don't you ever
Overlook this here
So this is our message, this is our faith
This is our voice, this is our names
This is our new, now we want change
This is our sun, this is our rain
This is our wind, this is our fail
This is our hands, how can we help?
This is our heaven, this is our hell
This is our story, this is our tale, our tale
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Little Simz - Woman
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