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Rag mama rag ..... I can't believe its true
Rag mama rag ...... what did ya do
I go on up to the railroad track
Let the 4:19 scratch my back
Sag mama sag ...... whats come over you
Rag mama rag ...... i'm pullin out your gag
Gonna turn you loose ...... like an old caboose
Got a tail I need to drag

I ask about your turtle
And you ask about the weather
I can't jump the hurdle
And we can't get together
We could be relaxin' ........ in my sleepin' bag
But all ya want to do for me mama is
Rag mama rag ...... there's no where to go
Rag mama rag ....... come on resin' up the bow

Rag mama rag .... where do ya run
Rag mama rag .... bring your skinny little body back home
It's dog it dog ..... cat eat mouse
You can rag mama rag all over my house

Hail stones beatin on the roof
The bourbon is hundred proof
Its you and me and the telephone
Our destiny is quite well known
We don't need to sit and brag
All we gotta do is rag mama rag mama rag

Rag mama rag
Where do ya roam
Rag mama rag
Bring your skinny little body back home
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