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Sunny Weather Songtext
von Lit

I've got a hundred thousand watts, hundred thousand dollar stereo
Surrounded by speakers but I'm mono as hell
Got a hundred sad songs about the day that you walked out
And I'm feeling so down
It's just a bad situation

I wish that I could say that...

I don't care about the sunny weather
Don't care about the sex when we're together
Don't care about nothing if you don't care

Why don'tcha?

I've got a lotta new drugs but I don't know how to use 'em
So I threw 'em in the trash and now my dogs are high as hell
Got a hundred better reasons why you oughta stick around
And I'll never back down
It's just another situation

I can't control it now...


I'd give it all away for you
For just another day with you
What am I gonna do
I don't care about nothin' [X 3]
If you don't care


I don't care about the sunny weather
Don't care and man I wish I never met her
Don't care about nothin' if you don't care
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Lit - Sunny Weather
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