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Silver Threads and Golden Needles Lyrics


Linda Ronstadt - Silver Threads and Golden Needles Songtext

I don't want your lonely mansion,
With the chill in every room.
I just want the love you promised,
Beneath the pale moon.
But you think I should be happy,
With yoru money and your name,
And pretend that I don't notice,
While you play your cheating game.

Silver threads and golden needles,
Cannot mend this heart of mine,
And I'll never drown my sorrows,
In the warm glow of your wine.
You can't buy my love with money,
For I never was that kind,
Silver threads and golden needles,
Can not mend this heart of mine.

I grew up in faded gingham,
Where love is a sacred thing.
You grew up in silk and satin,
Where love is a passing game.
I know I was a fool,
To think your pride would let you,
Live by the golden rule.
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