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Now and Forever Songtext

We were meant to be together
Forever and a day
The feelings we had
The moments we shared
Will never fade away
Don't you know I'm living with memories
And I know I won't forget
All the tears you seen me crying
I know I won't regret

Now and forever baby
I give my heart and my soul
Just to be with you
Now and forever darling
I give you all and I know
When I give you my heart and my soul
I just won't let you go
Now and forever

I could see when you were blinded
And how you lost your way
The magic is here
I won't shed a tear
Cause now you're here to stay
Just for you I'm singing this melody
And the words will never change
If you see I'm never turning
The sunshine into rain


I never wanted to be without you
You say you'll stay with me
But your sweet love that won't end you know
I need you

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Album Life Goes On (1995)

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Lil Suzy - Now and Forever
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