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Problem melden

Mr. Nasty Songtext

D d roc hello fuck the beat
Digga i'm about to fuck the beat
Uh uh fuck the beat
Huh i'ma fuck the beat
Ct i'ma fuck the beat
Fuck the beat

I stay on the low schemin' (huh)
Uh betta be no pussy eatin' (ah)
Uh chase my hoes like the cease in
Get head e'eryday ain't no on the weekend (that's right)
Breezin' on the major deacon (uh huh)
With a spanish mami freakin'
It's a wrap, before i hit the crip i nutted
U-turn, took her right back (what, what, uh)
It's like that, she don't know how to act
I'm a pimp without the cadilac (yeah)
A mack without the straw hat
Fuck the cane (fuck the cane)
I get more play than djs (uh)
Ask ill, all my hoes connect like three-way
I'm like jordan, bring me back on the replay (uh huh)
My dick like to relay and pass it on (what)
More ass we on, rims that easy
Then we pass some more to the next (c'mon)
Chicken that i peeped up in the spandex (uh huh)
Lookin' like she ready for head and rough sex (she ready)
Spread love, baby, hit my man next (next)
If not, then this your last night like? azject?

1- i'm a hoe, you know i'm a hoe
I fuck three different freaks after every show
Cuz i'm a hoe, you know i'm a hoe
How do you know? because i told you so

What y'all wanna do?

2- i love to, love to, love ya
Fuck ya, fuck ya, fuck ya
I love to, love to, love ya
Fuck ya, fuck ya, fuck ya

I cheat bad bitches (huh, what?)
I breeze past bitches (huh, what?) (yeah)
Yo, flea bag bitches, cease bag bitches (what)
Even hardcore rap bitches
Back in the day i use to love fat bitches (what you like now?)
Now it's modelin' and actin' bitches
Platinum bad bitches (yeah)
Latino, black bitches
Fast bitches, my nigga digga bag bitches (what)
Lotta crack bitches, get hugs and kisses (yeah)
Fuck ms. and mrs., eat they pussy in stitches (uh huh)
East to the west (west)
The west to the east (east)
I'm guarenteed skeets on any freak sheets
Game tight like virgin nappy, clothes snappy (what)
Hoes classy, wanna fuck then get at me (holla)
Don't talk, just blow, lay on your back
Other than that, stay where you at
Way out in the back
Or perhaps, you's a? profolac?
For my d.i.c., i'm about to c-o-m-e
Bust off in your mouth, you know my steeze (huh)
I get head overseas, no matter where i be

Lil' cease got it all
He is a superhoe
Lil' cease got it all
He is a superhoe

Repeat 2

Yo, yo, yo, to all my hoes, i love y'all (love y'all) (uh)
'specially the ones that i fucked y'all (fucked y'all) (yeah)
You know the hoes love to see me nut, y'all (nut y'all)
But good, now time for me to duck y'all (so fuck y'all)

Let me welcome y'all, this the nasty with the raspy voice
That attract these broads with no panties (uh huh)
Get more blow than torch on the low (yeah)
He is a superhoe
I talk too slick to be that nigga on the couch (c'mon)
Gimme a minute, my nick is in the mouth (uh huh)
Before i spit a word, i be in-and-out (in-and-out)
I smell fish, i got to kick you out (uh)
That's with or without the cash envy
Hash and e, and the bitch havin' me (yeah)
Locked with a master key
Picture that, she beat me and i hit her back (what) (never that!)
I'm the dog you need to get at (uh)
Now, keep it thorough like scully's and fitted hats
I'm in the cut with a bitch, where dem titties at? (whooo)
All my niggas feel me, gimme a hoe clap *3 claps* (yeah)
My hoes come in pairs, call me pitty pat
I'm a hoe, the biggest (uh)
Go a hundred yard and inches
>from the start, fuck the finish (yeah)
Algae, hit it, bless that hoe
When i shit, i flush the hoe
Got a friend that she next to blow
When i squirt, i'm chasin' o (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Out da door, biatch

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

[during 2]
All my junior m.a.f.i.a. niggas
Uh, all my superhoes, freakin', sleepin'
What, big dog, nigga

Cock this pussy! uh
I know i do, but what about you? (uh huh, yeah, uh, c'mon)
Come rock this pussy!
I know i do, but what about you? (what, uh, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon)
Who rock this pussy?!
I know i do, but what about you? (c'mon now, c'mon now, c'mon now)
Make her eat pussy!
I know i do, but what about you?
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Album The Wonderful World of Cease a Leo (1999)

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