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Nigga jacked the whole city
And when he died every body show him pitty
God don't see! Nigga throw ya name up in business (boosie dis boosie dat) I ain't the one you need to watch nigga but you gone bleed if you try nigga! Live by the gun know you gone die by one
It's consequences when you ride by one (5 years nigga)
Nigga took his son nigga took his nephew it will never stop (never stop)
Anybody can get it who ever on the block
Some people kill boys and they kill girls, but God let them live so they can get killed in that world
So come home nigga that choppa' waiting patiently
Round the handle black bandanna bitch come play with me
Jacked eeverybody thought you'd get away with it (naw)
You think a nigga just gone keep letting you play with em (naw)
Every time my cousin jacked a nigga somethin happend (trell)
Either a nigga came up short or he recked his car
Wut goes up
Must come down [x2]

Sweep around your own front door (get out my business)
Before you try to sweep around mine
Cause I'm a hit ya with that 9 9 times in yo muthafuckin spin
My nigga stole from me man (aww shit)
I know he miss me man I know he miss the click
Ain't even see the house that a nigga grind to get
I know he miss the videos and the fresh fits
They just fuck over the good niggas I seen it all
Fall in love with a thug and get dogged
When I was small man I recall
All the niggas with the jive ways, ain't got a dime today
So I think about it popped a bottle I'm drinkin out
Prayin for better days strapped on my chedda chaes
It's a war man (huh bra)
It ain't a game woe you made a million dollars selling dope, hurtin folks nigga you know
Wut goes up
Must come down [x2]

Everybody got they day shit you lay one, one day you lay
Eventually all of us gone be history can't let these niggas get to me
Nigga might try send a bitch at me
I'm a send that bitch back cut up love letter (wut up)
You ever did a lil dirt, it came back a lil worse
Need to take my ass to church
I I I say that all the time
Why you lying got a point to prove
Roger climens still lying better tell the truth (what goes up must come down)
Walk around here thinking you gone keep playing them yougsters
Get found by a junkie behind one of them fuckin dumpsters
My black people remember when they sprayed us down with hose pipes
They kill barack we killin whites back to civil rights
Try to do right mane I tried to stay focus lost another iPhone
I'm to loaded
Car from car mane it's commin back to hunt me
Niggas catchin charges every monday time to slow down (mane)
Who you gon call wen it finally go down niggas you turned ya back on when you was on (don't answer da phone)
I heard des niggas got prices on my head (shit)
Well I gotta put prices on dey whole click
Bout dat dramma gettin money comma comma don't be dirty betta ask my baby momma
It's commin back I run dis track for tha niggas who think dey slick and [?] talkin shit
But I'm gettin rick and you ain't shit mothafucka
Wut goes up
Must come down [x2]

My niggas in da hood always down with me
But still at times I can't help but wonder and see
All des nigga talkin bout day down for me but when comes it's whos gonna ride for me
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Jürgen Drews: Das hält er von seinem Künstlernamen
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Jürgen Drews: Das hält er von seinem Künstlernamen
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Beatrice Egli: Neues Album ist inspiriert von Achtziger Jahre

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