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Lil Boosie - Waiting on a Visit Songtext

They got my niggas in tha parish
Chillin on a Wednesday
Waitin on a visit
But it gon' be okay
It gon' be okay
I wish I had my AK
I wish I had my AK
They got my niggas up the road
Thuggin on their chores
Hopin something folds (something folds)
But it gon' be okay
It gon' be okay
I wish I had my AK
I wish I had my AK

Man I realize I'm stuck in this bitch
And I'm a trigger finger itchy
From the K I love to go spit
And ain't no visits
When your bread gone
My head gone
Can't say shit
Because I'm dead wrong
I'm dead wrong
Commissary on low
And I can't even buy no titties
So I'm ready
To take of my socks
And box cuz Im'a miss (huh)
I love taking pictures up that road
To let my niggas know
I was wit you everyday you chose
I read it up in jail
Why the fuck you put me in the field
My hands hurt
And mister look it keep it real
When I get out this bitch
They gon' say Mayday Mayday
You done took half of my life plus my AK my AK
From Hunts to Angola and DCI to cry tears
Come home from 5 years
See how wild the world is
I wish my life was gas tank
Cause I need a fill up
Couldn't pay my cousin lawyer that done fucked my whole year up


This is for my niggas on the reasons
Scratch like it like a pit
Everytime a nigga won't be home
But he miss his ak
Cuz thats what raised him
The only real toys daddy ever fuckin gave him
These hoes went to twenty to ten to fucking two
Go fall off in that pit and see how all yall hoes do
His boys conficted fellons and they can't come see ya
Yo little boy I had a program he can't come neither
Now play this song up in your walkman in your bed at night
And tell me next you see me if i lead you right
And ain't no smiles when your shine gone
Looked at a man and asked why he did it
He said the devil got his mine going
Listen when I spit it and watch what I'm saying
I know you sick up in that bitch dawg
But never stop praying
Hold my hand you can lean on me
I'm the friend that pull up on the curb nigga when you go on E

How the fuck do you think my momma feel
Mr. Officer you got her crying
Tears everytime my nigga call her
My daughter(iviona hatch) she don't knows it's my face
Cuz she don't see me that much
Plus I'd hate for her to see me in cuffs
This is for my niggas on preroll man
Like Big Lo Diddy Charge and Trail Charge and James Cole man
Them niggas are hard to pump blood nigga
It pump alien piss
And they love them a.k.s
That's why they stay in that bitch
For the forgivers we some niggas in a rush to get paid
You can see this dawg bitches plus I'm duckin a grave
I told my momma when I die
Put my casket on dubz
Roll me in with all my thugs and put a blunt in my tux
This is for my niggas who incarcerated
Boy I hate it hold your head up and you oughta make it
I told my dawgs over and over over again
When a nigga take may I won't hit some ak...
(it gon be ok...)
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