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Wha wha wha wha
My life(my life)
Dad died when i was fourteen
We got us some change
Momma took the bread and sped it
Shoes shop on that lane
That's when a lot of shit changed
All my partners in the game
But my pockets they shame
So i called that boy big dame
Gotta half of that flame
Went on g street in the range
With big boi and tutt thang making
Balla g a week momma don't undastand
Put me out now i'm a man ain't no
Turning back people ain't gave me a
Thang since i'm burning sacks but shit i
Learned from that now niggaz look at
Me like i'm grown cause i go get my own
It got real where i roam i gotta plastic
Glock qiut school and basketball just
To salvage the block man i had to be
Stop but i would neva to the head got
Buy fifth's every friday plus i'm sending
Trell bread (yeah) that's why i feel i
Can't be told shit cause don't a nigga
Do a thang when you broke bitch...

Let me run it how it's done in my life my
Life is in that fucking spot light my life
Aight aight let me run it how its done in
My life my life is in the fucking spot
(look) ninety-nine that's when my shine
Came through my paper got major and
Now i iron slang too i'm gone off that
Killa i keep a zone under my pillow plus
I'm too little to take no shawt from no
Nigga my fist dun went from ok to
Fucking ballin my bitches dun went
From no play now they calling i'm
Repping with kevin now these bitches
Wanna do me loc came scoop me now
Everybody know lil boosie my big face
Hundreds man they wanna get me out
That i made shit real so motherfucka
Look i'm bout that now that i'm
Straight all these niggaz wanna hate i
Sit back and wait and slicin niggaz like
A cake da moe money i make that moe
Hard times never thought my life a end
Up writting war rhymes in my life my
Life (shit) that's how it's dun in my life
My life look

My life aight but it might not be
Tomorrow tables could turn and now
My people wanna borrow momma use to
Be stressed and telling me just go but
Shen wurred no moe shit she dun heard
Me flow know we paid fa show now it's
Time to buck i got bread in the bank and
On the block i dime it up got hoes in
Cloths so off top they respect it grab
Me a camera and grab a glock when it's
Hected southside my section it aint no
Secret boy you heard still bout weed
But i smoke dust and sipp suryp shit
Dont change how you figga imma fear
You i'm in my rear view cause niggas
Wanna kill boo i'm go be fucking
Busting if you play with my life dont be
Ducking if you play with my life aint no
Discussion if you play with my life
Damn god they go play with my life
Lord don't let these niggaz take my life
My life
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