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Now Imma Do This One For The Mommas Who Lost Dey Babies, For The Niggas Who Lost Dey,...
And The Lil Boys And Girls Who Lost Dey Daddys.

See These Devils Dey Do You Wrong(Dirty Mutafuckas)
Niggas Died To Get Money Long(Dirty Mutafuckas)
Everybody Gotta Hustle And They Hustle And They Strong Here Today Next Day You Gone In Ths Hood I Roam.
Carla Hit Me On The Phone Like Becky Gone Camrae Just Died And Tefa Gone(Dedeauxs)
For Every Momma Lost A Child They Gone Play This Song Missing Her Baby More And More Everyday He Gone.

Sincerly To Miss Linda From My Heart And Soul Twin You Still Gotta Brother Mutafucka You My Thug Til The Day I Go.
Wish I Can Spin A Block Wit Ivy And Joc,
Wish I Can Count Cake Wit Ace,
Wish I Smoke Dope With Roe Mane Make You Feel Like God Tryna Tell You Something So Much Death In This World Niggas Ain't Scared Of.
Remeber The Police They Killed My Nigga Nail Shawn On The Front Road Pulling Out A 8.(Damn)

Sometimes I Wanna Break Down And Cry Cuz You Don't Know How Bad I Miss You Neva Gone Foget The Time That We Shine.
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Album All or Nothing (2008)

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