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Lil Boosie - I Feel Ya Songtext

Phone call from a real nigga
I was locked up with
First time since we talked and I been out six
Told me how much he missed me, told me bout his bitch
Say his girl ran off, and his lawyer playing games
Dude was gone sign the affidavit, but his feelings starting to change, man
His commissary low, he back in the hole
Found some coke up in the dome, he ain't wanna rat so he rolled
Plus his mama sick, cancer in her body
He say he starting to feel like I don't answer for nobody, damn
I popped him off, real tight, real nigga
And that gold on that river fighting for his lifeI feel ya
If don't nobody understand you, I feel you
If don't nobody understand what you're going through, I feel ya
And everybody running away, nobody picking up their number today
I feel ya
I feel ya
Come up in the hood, family full of wrong
Before you know you getting it on, pocket full of stones
You either go to school for years and chase hopes
Or help your mama pay the bills and sell coke, I feel ya nigga
Fly dude, I see why you got a pistol nigga
He crossed you, I see why he ain't your nigga, nigga
You fell off, you was sniffing that pack
Checked yourself in rehab, I feel ya nigga, shake back
Don't really want an old lady but you need support
Either or you break her heart, that's just a nigga
All the girls who ain't married, I feel ya
But put your hands up, all my "I do" niggas, I feel ya
Tired of having nothing, do what you got to do, I feel ya
Don't want to be normal, you want to be a who's who, I feel ya
Feel like you got the one, you're ready to say "I do", I feel ya
You just like having fun and think marriage ain't for you, I feel ya
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