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New Girls Songtext

Hormones start running when summer hits town
You go to the pub and you get a few down
Scanning the area for interesting features
Look all around you are beautiful creatures
The heat make the women unravel themselves
Behind winter clothing the real woman dwells
A man-hunting tigress who wants to have fun
Who loses her moral restraints in the sun


New girls on the market
Fresh girls on the market
Half-dressed girls on the market
Obsessed girls on the market

I'm not religious - I don't find it bad
When women around me are scantily clad
When bosoms are swaying and skirts they are tight
I'll make no objection, they won't have to fight
My eyes look for objects for heroic deeds
A wink of approval is all that I need
I'll buy her some drinks because as you will see
You can't get a beautiful girl home for free
No way brother!

Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
Vor 17 Stunden
Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
Vor 17 Stunden
Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
Liberator - New Girls
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