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Some Say Love Lyrics

Some say love, It is a river,
That drowns the tender ring,
Some say love, It is a razor,
That leads your soul to bleed,
Some say love, It is a hunger,
And endless aching need,
I say love, It is a flower,
And you its only seen,

It's the heart, Afraid of breaking,
That never, Learns to dance,
It's the dream, Afraid of waking,
That never, Takes the chance,
It's the one, Who won't be taken,
Who cannot seem to be,
And the soul, Afraid of dying,
That never, Learns to live,

And the night, Has been too lonely,
And the road, Has been too long,
And you feel, That road is only,
For the lucky, And the strong,
Just remember, In the winter,
Far beneath, The bitter snow,
Lies a seed, That with the suns love,
In the spring, Becomes a rose
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LeAnn Rimes - Some Say Love
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