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Victim of Beauty Songtext

Make up your mind
And try to understand
The world that shines so bright
Gives delight
Is built on fraud, is built on sand
Sell yourself to someone else
If beauty is your aim
Someday youl'll be paid with love
From old and eager men
Don't care about the broken souls
Of beauty seeking girls
People will be held as fools
In this glamorous world
So many things will stay unseen
The glamour covers all
Smiling faces on the screen
Behind this fashion wall
You'll never make it to the top
If it does exist
A broken heart is sure to drop
If you can't resist
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Vor 2 Tagen
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio
Vor 19 Stunden
Depeche Mode: Nach Todesfall zurück im Studio

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Lavantgarde - Victim of Beauty
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