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Lateef and Lyrics Born / You can't see them! / LATEEF: One way-a microphone
Works / Checkin' suckas on they usage of vocal tones / While the breaks be
Bangin / Cold shakin ya holmes / Vibrations reverberatin give
Identification / In meter Neter like Metu / Leavin holes in ya speakers /
Scold a brotha like Lateef-oh, that's a no can do / The Black and Puerto
Rican lyric deacon speaking the truth / I'll make ya giggle like a tickle
Or a nipple tweaker / I freak a style from here to Mogadishu-here to
Mozambique-a / From here to Mount Zion I'm hard to reach when at my peak /
Of shinin flowin like a creek a lava spicy like paprika / That's neither
Here nor there / Fully chargin up the air-heavy sounds getting thicker like
The atmosphere? / Ya gotta get up on it cuz we got whatcha want-the / beats
Be fat like the factory Wonka / Suckas keep bitin like a gang of piranhas /
Ya betta come with it if your thinkin is stronger / The mindset couldn't be
Any wronger / We roll deep swoll like the island of Tonga / Don't even
Really need to rock the mic any longer / So I stop! / Pass the mic like I
Pass on the porkchops / And it don't quit / I say that to say this / You
Can't oppose this / I say that to say this / Cuz if the clothes fit / I say
That to say this / You're a hostess / I say that to say this / LYRICS BORN:
You're so sensitive / All I said was simple sentences / Premises was left
As if the messages were venomous / They are though / Guess it's just my
Penmanship and how it moves / Your torso / Suckass steer clear of me like
Feminists / do carshows / There's a little punchline for those of you /
Who love rhymes with those in 'em. / Hear it one time then you're finished
With 'em / Give you that nasty tangy feeling / Check it out / Free rhymes
For griots in Fiats and Klingons / and wee tots with crayons and Koreans /
In Reeboks in kiosks at flea marts and peons / that be on some feline shit.
/ Ya'll like the FBI on some espionage / asking questions but my head's
Beyond that / Be openly honest / Ya'll write ya'll own rhymes? / Oh I
Doubt it / I's dotted / T's crossed / tell you what / I make a song / you
Take it home, you think about it / Promise me with every opportunity you'll
Use the all illuminating eye / beyond the obvious buffoonery / Defy the
Allegations and the rumory / Be out the labyrinth the average imp's
Enamored with/ And you don't stop / I say that to say this / Cause with a
Closed fist / I say that to say this / You can't oppose this / I say that
To say this / You're just bull shit.
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Lateef and Lyrics Born - Say That
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