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Yo, when I got the mic in my hand and the camera's on
I make the crowd get hype, and wanna blast this?
Turnin' up is all good nigga, that's my song
Coast out through ya hood like a master Don
My raps is long and strong like and elephant tusk
The intelligent, rough lyrics that the ample discuss
Crushed with the Elephant Man, can't you tell that it's us
Ain't no sittin' around now, then y'all better get up
East, West, North, South, yeah we callin' y'all out
Any opposition of this is just getttin' stomped out
We came to take it from the bottom to the top of the line
Party people, show me were you at one time

(The Last Emperor)
From the front to the back, wherever you are
Rollin' tough in your truck, jumpin' out of ya car
Boastin' up in ya club or ya neighbourhood bar
Say "Here We Are", stomp it out y'all
"Here We Are", come on, stomp it out y'all
"Here We Are", oh-uh-ha, stomp it out y'all
"Here We Are", yeah, stomp it out y'all
"Here We Are", yeah

(The Last Emperor)
I hear the road call stomp out song, we need that
Come on, let's get it on and ease back
See the difference between me and these cats
My flow is strong, I spit creatine caps

Strong to the ladies, yeah they probably want me
I don't follow a blind lead, they follow me bluntly
Large appetite, my stomach is hollow, I'm hungry
I smack rappers like Solomon Grundi
As long as y'all want me I'ma come right back
And do what it takes to make a party bump like that
Uh, Mr. Martin Evil D on the track
Stomp it out y'all, show me where my people is at

(The Last Emperor)
Uh, I yell it out, I can't say it too plain
This is my jungle sucker, top of the food chain
I don't know what y'all thought when 2002 came
But this is my court and I'm runnin' the new game
I smash and dent and crash ya band
The glass and rim, blast them in, this is where my compassion ends
And I'ma make it quite clear check the captions kids
"Here We Are", right here's where's the action is
Poetical pacoderm packin' them in
Hoe catcher, dope snatcher, put my back to the wind
These rappers is no match, feel the back of my Timb's
Stomp it out y'all, show them that we at it again

"Here We Are"
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Album Palace of the Pretender (2003)

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