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Let's Go Bowling Songtext

Have I died in these pools for eyes?
Well I haven't cried
And I haven't tried
To tell you
What you ought to
When I see you
When you see me
It's heard to be
Sincerely is this fondest wish
A kissy kissy kissy kiss
Without you in the picture
It's not written in the scriptures
This doesn't happen all the time
And so you cuss me
And you hate me
And there oh, for I can figure out
Put your lips this close to mine
Then you shut up and I shut up
Oh well shut up it'll work out fine

Capitulation will not begin
Please notify my next of kin
You can find me at the bottom
Of the bottle
At the thrid row oh
Here's a message: you look just fine
Is traveling just a waste of time
Cause without you
That's the problem
Is there something we can talk about oh no
I'm hearin every word you've said
When the meanings fill with anger or impatience or disgusting oh
Why you mumblin' again?
Do you like me
Do you hate me
Do you think I should go away
Athens is so cold tonight
It's a sorry scarry starry night
Without you in the fixtures
Who's been a picture on the picture roll
I wish I may I wish I might
Yes I have this drink I drink tonight
Because without it
I feel nothing
I feel nothing even with it oh and oh
Put that camera away
Take no pictures of the ruins of our life
That died without a fight and oh
We're doing everything just right
Except for touching and for holding and consoling
Let's go bowling
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Lambchop - Let's Go Bowling
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