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When You See a Devil Smash Him Songtext

I see a devil I pulverize him, what else?
Smash him and beat him into little small particles
You'll realize that I'm here to do away with
Negativity and ( ? )
This is the topic, what? The devil or Satan, or better yet three times two
I got a question, I just gots to know, does it equal you?
Canivin are devils, devils are sneakish
I'm a rebel when I appear, they get weakish
I'ma drop jinx no matter what some think
( ? ) crash on the floor soon as the punk winks
I spot em by they ways and actions
I do the knowledge, I catch em and start taxin
They show you pictures of him, it's not him
They conceal this, you don't know you livin amongst him
They tell you that Heaven is in the sky
Hell is underground, come on now, open your eye
You're a snake, you do dirt
Some stray away from what I say cause the truth hurts
But I'ma keep droppin bombs
Makin hip-hoppers swarm
They know the tricks, so don't pass him
You come across a 666, then smash him

Devils, devils - come in all shapes, forms and fashions
Rebels, rebels - created for the purpose of simply smashin
Devils, devils - someone that I can't stand with a passion
Levels are set, I'm a definite threat, I find me a devil, I smash him
So listen as I speak
Open your eyes and get wise while I teach
Some people don't like what I like, they can all take a hike
It's the youth I reach
Don't sleep, see devils attack
Some devils are white, some devils are black
Nevertheless they're all sorts of meanings
Some of us think of him as some sort of demon
Some call him Satan, some call him Lucifer
I'm not scared, I'm prepared to tell the truth to ya
My meaning of the devil is raw
He's nothing but a bloodsucker of the poor
I push lyrics, you don't know how to push
I'm quite serious, far from ( ? )
Ready to roll, hands above your head
You make one move - you're dead
This is a land under siege
By a lyrical militant force, a rougher breed
A terrorist, lyrical terrorist
I advise you - what? To never diss
See, I never miss when I aim
Devils swished, they never came
Cause I smash em

While Mark brings the beat Just bring the cuts
I'll bring the rhymes and get praise like King Tut
It's no wonder my people
Get beated and treated unequal
Devils are made for devil missions
They've been doin this since htey existed
Made to take over, bruise and make lower
Class of another man and it stinks
That till they rule the country, 10% of em
I found it was time to make a rhyme to get at him
I lead em out on a open plane
Then found that his brain was a bit strange
Hum, what a difference between him and us
But they still try to put a end of us
It won't work cause I'm a renegade
Of the nineties stage and I'm into
What goes on in my community
I strive for peace and unity
Although some can help, they choose to be greedy
And refuse to help the needy
But I'ma fight this with a righteous format
And use the devil like a doormat
They full of tricks, so don't pass em
You come across a 666, then smash him
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Lakim Shabazz - When You See a Devil Smash Him
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