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Kirk Franklin - Lookin' out for Me Songtext

Every time i look back
and everytime i think back
on all the stuff i been through
i prayed through i cried through
and then i tried you and just when i was about to fall
your love caught me when your name i called
jesus you keep on looking out for me

remember when the doctor said
he said he couldn't help you and
remember when the money was getting low
you're hurtin now you're feelin low and
just when you thought the night would never end
the sun came out now you can smile again
jesus you keep on lookin out for me


you keep on lookin out for me (repeat 3x's)
in spite of all i've done
jesus you keep on lookin out for me


i shouldn't be here today
and when i look back on all my mistakes if it hadn't been for your grace
i don't know where i'd be where i'd go
who can love me like you do
and who can hold me when i'm goin through
jesus you keep on lookin out for me


Album GospoCentric Records, LLC (2002)

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