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Mazzieh (African in Paris) Songtext
von Kazik

Mazzieh was a soccer player
Local star of "Julius Berger"
Playing under 23
"Gabros" wanted to buy him

Mazzieh is my brother as well
So we have much younger sister
Our family so poor
Mazzieh's our hope for sure

One day saw him talent's hunter
Came to Lagos undercover
Saw my brother playing well
Mazzieh knew that was last bell

There's no future in Nigeria
Mazzieh started new life period
Gone with him to Nederlanden
With contract to Nec Nijmegen

Pierwszy season wasn't super
He knew that he can play better
So decided to leave Holland
Dutchmen sold him to Poland

Mazzieh joined "Legia Warszawa"
Scored 10 goals in polish liga
After season to make business
He's been sold to "Tenerife"

This is summer all the year here
Mazzieh became the best player
But for team no good was season
They lost primera division

But my brother so expensive
With his help we better lived
Now you listen - proud no shame
He joined Paris St.Germain

Mazzieh's international star
He got big house and brand new car
Took family to Paris
He was one of six stranieris

Now, in first team in attack
With Anelka on his back
After two years of his playing
Mazzieh's pope of St.Germain

All the Paris loves him madly
Our parents so much proudly
Mazzieh's girl's is name Marie
The African in Paris

African in Paris, African in Paris...
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Kazik - Mazzieh (African in Paris)
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