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Devils House Part I Songtext

Devils House Part I

Heavy rain drenched canyon
Roaring thunder a big tree fell
Dogs of nightstorms started howling
In red glare of rocks
An old church appeared
It's gates a suffering monk

Where do I know him from?
Face with scars
Where do I know you from?
But no answer
Clang of keys
The iron gate was opened
Monk standing just behind
Invited me to come inside
Darkness, dirt, foul smell wafted
Then I noticed shreds of heads
Yelling in pain
Their eyes stared at me

And what for
And what for
At such night you want to come
Where do I know you from
It's like devil's house.
Chains, chains thrown off
Till blood.
Fragen über Kat
Was macht ein Kat?
Wo liegt der Kat?
Was bedeutet Kat bei Eiern?
Hat ein Diesel Kat?
Kat - Devils House Part I
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