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Happy Birthday Dear Customer Songtext

You only come here
When you want somethinÂ' sweet to hear
And IÂ'm just the fool talkinÂ' sugar out of school
WastinÂ' my lines on a love that isnÂ't mine
That isnÂ't mine

Kisses over cakes
LookinÂ' out my shop window
At the world winding itÂ's way
Through another workinÂ' day
While a river somewhere
Empties into the sea just like you and me
And should you both come in
IÂ'll look through you smile at him and say
Happy birthday dear customer

A long goodbye
I work on my reflection

But thatÂ's never how it goes
Words fly out in all directions
How the whole streetÂ's aglow
About the cook and his affections
And we both know yes we do
CanÂ't have your cake and eat it to so
Happy birthday dear customer
GNTM: Ärger vom Freund
Vor 2 Tagen
GNTM: Ärger vom Freund
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Vor 23 Stunden
Georgina Fleur: „Ja, ich erwarte ein Kind“
Karma County - Happy Birthday Dear Customer
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