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Never alone Songtext

Julian Dawson - Never alone

Always been content to be
Exactly where I landed
Lately it's been harder every day
A prisoner of the plans I made
Precious memories slowly fade
To sadness the longer I'm away

Something's changed I don't know how
But everything looks different
I'm not the soldier that I used to be
Sometimes scared to sleep alone
Addicted to the telephone
Petrified you'll turn away from me

But you're the queen of my dreams
When the light goes out
I worship at your throne
You're the queen of my dreams
Sent to comfort me
When I'm far away from home
I'm never alone

Every inch of six feet six
And nervous as a kitten
Knowing there's nobody else to blame
Loneliness is real
Even though it's self-inflicted
Misery will cut you just the same
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Julian Dawson - Never alone
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