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Joy Denalane - Still Im a Woman Songtext

No one said that it'd be easy
And it's alright to disagree sometimes
If I ever follow my own mind
It's just another side in me baby

My strength should make you stronger
Instead of breeding insecurities
The road ahead is always longer
With no one to keep you company

You might have noticed that my confidence has grown
And how the challenges have taken on

Still I'm a woman
Still I'm a woman

Does it have to be a contradiction
To be your equal
Still I need you by my side
Let's ... ourselves together
Hold on to me
So I can hold on too
I'm praying the day is dawning
Embrace the promise that it brings
We both know where we belong baby
And we know we got a good thing
... the lead sometimes
Maybe your wheels ... pride

Still I'm a woman
Still I'm a woman

It's gonna take some time
Our unity is the bond of life
Mines is yours and whats yours is mine
No matter what I do
I take the plead when I'm in love with you
Cause I believe in what is true
Now promise me that you will stay
When ... all the answers
To everything that's yet to come
Baby baby, but I know I need your love forever
Cause when it's all said and done

I'm still a woman
I'm still a woman
Still I'm your woman
I'm yours, baby
I'm still your woman
I'm all yours
Yeah I'm still a woman
I'll give you everything
Everything ...
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