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Joy Denalane - Something Stirrin up Songtext

Doing just enough not to get fired
Getting paid just enough not to quit
I've had a bad day, yes I did
Just got home from work and I'm tired
And can't stop dwelling on it
But that didn't drive you away
Then you sat me down
Put your arms around me
Whisper in my ear
And now my heart is pounding
And everything, everything, I said everything
Seems to wash away, my baby

Uuuuhh something stirrin up in here
And it's coming over me
Uuuuhh something stirrin up in here
Now let your love run free
Stir it up now, darling, stir it up

So busy trying to make a living
That I can't find time to live
Just need to be alone, yes I do
Heard you slam the door when you came in
But you won't tell me what it is
Now Girl, what's going on, tell me girl what's going on
Then I sat you down
Put my arms around you
Whispered in your ear
How I feel about you
And now everything, everything, everything
Is gonna be just fine


Everything's so natural
I just got to have it all
Hold me tight don't you let go
Nothing is more beautiful
See when it comes to making love
One and one
Is always gonna be one

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