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I Cover the Waterfront Lyrics


Joy Denalane - I Cover the Waterfront Songtext

Away from the city, that hurts and mocks
I'm standing alone, by the disordered docks
In the still and the chill of the night

I see the horizon, the great unknown
My heart has an ache, it's as heavy as stone
Will the dawn coming on make it light

I cover the waterfront, I'm watching the sea
Will the one I love be coming back to me

I cover the waterfront, in search of my love
And I'm covered by a starlit sky above

Here I am, patiently waiting
Hoping and longing, ooh how I yearn
Where are you, have you forgotten
Will you remember, will you return

I cover the waterfront, I'm watching the sea
For the one I love must soon come back to me (2x)
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