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Dead Donkeys Songtext

Well, out in the desert in the Valley of the Sun
The burros ltiplied but they was just havin' fun
And the military men came in with the guns
And a blew 'em away to donkey heaven
Ya got dead donkeys on the runway again
Dead donkeys on the runway again
Ya got dead donkeys on the runway again
Because of them sharp shootin' men
Well the airplane runway and the Naval base
Was a home to the burros they love that place
Those ol' critters don't fit in with the men
They shot 'em before
They'll probably do it again
That's right!
You got donkeys running 'round with bullets in their necks
Helicopters landing all over their beds
Cleveland Armory is really fried
'Cuz all his donkey friends have died
They're dead
They're in the runway
YOu better get them pick-up trucks and get them out of our way
Say now,
Francis the mule and Mr. Ed
Roll over in your graves
'Cuz your buddies are dead
Two sides are fightin'
And a lot's been said
BUt I'm only reporting on the things that I read
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Jonathon Brandmeier - Dead Donkeys
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