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If You Want to Die in Bed Songtext

(The ENGINEER is making his way furtively through the city.
Soldiers seem to be everywhere)

If you want to die in bed
Follow my example
When you see a cloud ahead
It's time to show your class
Hit the door before
They make a target of your ass

If you want to die in bed
In times of revolution
When the flag they fly is red
Let pride fill up your chest
Meanwhile pack your sack
And take the first boat heading west

(He enters the abandoned backroom of what was one "Dreamland,"
Opens a trapdoor in the floor and removes a tiny box. He opens it)

My precious souvenirs
Of all the golden years
Rolex watches in steel
That look practically real
I'll need a little stock
To start me in Bangkok!

If you want to die in bed
Forget about your karma
When your life hangs by a thread
Don't cry about the fates
Grab a stash of cash
And plan a rest'rant in the States

Let me stop for a bit
This was my greatest hit
Miss Saigon, in her crown
I made queen of the town
I got e'm paying more
For just another whore

Here I come
Your next champ's
On his way

For men will always be men
Thr rules are the same
For kings or for clerks

Give me francs, or dollars, or yen
I'll set up a game
I know how it works

Why was I born of a race
That thinks only of rice
And hates entrepeneurs?

Me, I belong in a place
Where a man sets his price
And you pay, and he's yours

I should be - American!
Where every promise lands
And every buisnessman knows where he

First stop Bangkok then I roam
Cross that ocean white with foam
To the place that's my heart's true home

If you want to die in bed
En route to your nirvana
You grab the chance and plunge
And go where people win

Heaven's there - Oh shit
You need a visa to get in!
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Jonathan Pryce - If You Want to Die in Bed
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