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You Just Don't Know It Lyrics


Jonas Brothers - You Just Don't Know It Songtext

[1st Verse]
You just don't know it
It's getting hard to say hello
You just don't know it
I'm on the edge of crossing the line
I don't want to blow it, or show it
Before you know you're mine
You just don't know it

Oh, you won't see me break
Won't make that mistake
Oh no I'll just walk away
There too much at stake right now
I go on and on
Singing this song about you
And that's what's wrong with this song

[2nd Verse]
Can you feel it?
In the way I look at you
Girl, can you hear it?
I'm crying out inside
I don't want to see you
Be near you
You're a million miles too close

[Repeat Chorus]

You don't know the way I feel
So I'll stay alone

[Repeat Chorus]
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