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What If (I Told You I Like You) Songtext

This song, "What If"
Is... it's an interesting one for sure
This was the second collaboration that I did with Kenzie
And uh... it was- it was a super, super fun recording session
'Cause you know, i-it kinda gets boring in there sometimes, I'll be honest when it's just you
But you know, Kenzie in there, we were having fun, we were just chillin'
And also the video was super fun 'cause there was like a hundred people there
Yeah, that was the biggest video by far at that time that I'd ever done
So I was just super pumped to be there, and uh I really love the song
It's a great song to... you know, play in the car with your friends
Or you know, if you had a little jam, who knows
Just pop out "What If", turn up when the chorus hits, and
And that's pretty much... it's all she wrote
This song is kinda weird because it- it keeps blowing up randomly for no reason
Like, if you are from TikTok, hello
Uh, it's blowing up on TikTok again, I don't really know why
But I'm- I'm not complaining
Um... heh, so yeah, enjoy, here it is
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Johnny Orlando - What If (I Told You I Like You)
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