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Highways Of Love Songtext

Johnny O - Highways Of Love

Can't you see my rhythms deep inside
Singing the songs of love and pride making me want you
The way that I feel real in my mind, it's so good
Loving me, loving you can't you see that's love that's true

Chorus (2x):
Jump into the highways of my heart girl
Can't you see the --- love is everywhere
Don't you know baby girl that I love you
With my heart and I care

In my mind I can see you and I
Showing me, loving me as time just goes on by
Making me love you the way that I know it's real
Can't I prove my love to you, show you that my love's real

Chorus (2x)

Highways of love are here deep inside
Showing you the road of love is what i'm asking for
I can't take this no more can't you see I adore
All that you offer to me, I love you more and more

Chorus (2x)
Clueso: Sechs Wochen in psychiatrischer Kinderklinik
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Clueso: Sechs Wochen in psychiatrischer Kinderklinik
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Album Johnny O (1989)

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Johnny O. - Highways Of Love
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