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Theres a lot of strange man in cell block ten
But the strangest of them all
Was a friend of mine who spent his time
Staring at the wall, staring at the wall

As he stared at the wall so strong and tall
You could hear him softly curse
Nobody at all ever climbed that wall
But I'm gonna be the first, I'm gonna be the first

The warden walked by and said "Son, don't try!
I'd hate to see you fall
For there is no doubt, they'll carry you out
If you ever touch that wall, if you ever touch that wall!"

Well, a year's gone by since he made his try
But I can still recall
How hard he tried and the way he died
But he never made that wall, he never made that wall

There's never been a man ever shook this can
But I know a man who tried
The newspapers called it a jail break plan
But I know it was suicide, I know it was suicide!
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