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The Big Battle

I think, sir, the battle is over, and the young soldier laid down his gun.
I'm tired of running for cover. I'm certain the bottle is done.
Oh, see over there where we fought them; it's quiet for they've all gone away.
All left is the dead and the dying, the Blue laying long side the Gray.

So you think the battle is over, and you even lay down your gun.
You carelessly rise from your cover, for you think the battle is done.
Now, boy, hit the dirt; listen to me, for I'm still the one in command.
Get flat on the ground here beside me, and lay your ear hard to the sand.

Can you hear the deafening rumble? Can you feel the trembling ground?
It's not just the horses and wagons that make such a deafening sound.
For every shot fired has an echo, and every man killed wanted life.
There lies your friend Jim Mc Kenney. Can you take the news to his wife?

No, son, the battle's not over. You'll see that it's only begun.
The rest of the battle will cover the part that has blackened the sun.
The fight yet to come's not with cannon, nor will the fight be hand to hand.
No one will regroup the forces; no charge wills a gen?ral command.

The battle will rage in the bosom, of mother and sweetheart and wife.
Brother and sister and daughter will grieve for the rest of their lives.
Now go ahead, rise from your cover. Be thankful that God let you live.
Go fight the rest of the battle, for those who gave all they could give.

I see sir the battle's not over. The battle has only begun.
The rest of the battle will cover this part that has blackened the sun.
For thou? there's no sound of the cannon and though there's no smoke in the sky,
I'm dropping the gun and the sabre, and ready for battle am I.
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