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Fun 2 Nite Songtext
von Jodeci

[Verse 1: "]

Here i stand
Against the wall
The air is filled
But yet the core is small
I seem the way that you
Freaking all my homies
The way you lookin at me
Told me that you want me
So come on girl and get with me
I'll give anything to take you'
On the dance floor with me tonight

[Hook: 2x's]

This is your night, tonight
Everything's gonna be alright
Girl let your body loose
Let go and feel the groove

[Chorus: 4x's]

I just wanna have fun 2 nite
We can have fun 2 nite

[Verse 2]

The moet and alize
Let's go to my crib
Where we can play games
That'll make you wanna keep secrets
Come on, girl let's do this
But i'm tellin you we can do
Some crazy things if you want
Girl your body so damn tight
Come home with me tonight



Yeah, baby don't stop
J-o-d-e-c-i bout to make ya hot
Like that like that
Come on baby
I got my crew with me
We get your girls and we can ah
Get it on all through the night
Damn right,
We can go back and forth, back and forth
Wolke Hegenbarth: Diese Liebeserklärung geht unters Herz
Vor 23 Stunden
Wolke Hegenbarth: Diese Liebeserklärung geht unters Herz
Lucas Cordalis: Dschungel-Traum geplatzt!
Vor 21 Stunden
Lucas Cordalis: Dschungel-Traum geplatzt!

Album The Show, The After Party, The Hotel (1995)

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Jodeci - Fun 2 Nite
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