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They can't define this, there's no definition
I am the unexplainable I am a premonition
I am the mastery of repetition
I am sight to the blind and the ability of the deaf to listen
This is the personification of bravery
I am Nat Turner fighting for freedom against slavery
This is William Wallace and the resistance
I am Haile Gebrselassie going the distance
This is Zinedine ball at his feet
I am Maximus rallying the call to his fleet
John Lennon saying imagine
I am Saint George reaching for his sword and fucking slaying the dragon
Abdel Nasser overthrowing the monarchy
Bhagat Singh fighting the British rule of the colony
James Connolly, the ICA the ISRP
The genius, charisma and words of Mohammed Ali
Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and King Martin
The non-violent voice of the third world starving
Bob singing one love, spirit of the Galgael
Quest could be perilous but the freedom ship shall sail
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
Vor 4 Stunden
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
The Weeknds Kollaboration mit Swedish House Mafia erscheint
Vor 24 Minuten
The Weeknds Kollaboration mit Swedish House Mafia erscheint
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